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Only veterinary surgeons registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons can practise veterinary medicine in the UK. 
To find out if you are eligible for registration and how to register with the RCVS please visit:  http://www.rcvs.org.uk/registration/who-can-register/
Veterinary surgeons applying for registration are asked to contact the RCVS at least 8 weeks before starting work in the UK to allow enough time to complete the registration process.  
You will need to pay a fee to the RCVS and supply certified copies of the requested documentation.  Once the RCVS is satisfied that the documents are complete, you will be invited to a personal registration appointment at the RCVS offices in London.
Your registration appointment will be sent to you within 2 weeks of the RCVS receiving your documents.  Typically, the appointments are held on Tuesdays and Fridays and there are usually around 6 sessions each month.  The full list can be seen on the RCVS website here.
The RCVS offices are contactable here:

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Belgravia House
62- 64 Horseferry Road 

T 020 7222 2001
F 020 7222 2004 

Once you have started the registration process and you are aware of your registration appointment, Medicus can let you know about all suitable opportunities.  It's likely that you will not have any experience of working in the UK so all clients will need to see references and skills assesments.  We recommend that you gather written references from people who can comment on your clinical skills and those who can speak for you personally.   If you haven't complete the Medicus skills assessments online, please do this now. 
The ability to communicate in English is fundamental and there are many examination boards including:
It may be advisable to arrange some time "seeing practice" in the UK.  This period of unpaid experience will demonstrate that you are serious about working in the UK but will also prove very valuable for you to understand the generally acceptable proceedures and policies in use in the UK practices.
Being able to communicate and being registered with the RCVS does not remove the need for you to have the right to live and work in the UK.  More information regarding this topic, please visit the UK Visas & Immigration website here.
If you require Visa sponsorship to work in the UK we are recruiting for a number of Veterinary Practices that have Tier 2 approved sponsor places available. To find out more, please contact our team here.

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Frequent Questions

Does Medicus help with the recruitment of vet and vet nurses from outside the UK?

A:Yes, Medicus is actively engaged in placing well qualified and competent vets and vet nurses in positions with clients across the UK.  Usually, clients will require comfirmation of your abilities including references and copies of certificates of competence.

How do I register with Medicus for locum work?

A:You can register using the standard registration form here or you can call us on 01926 356356.  Typically, each locum requirement is also distributed to our Job Alert subscribers first to give them a headstart on all locum requirements available. Additionally, we advertise all current locum requirements via our website and elsewhere.

How much does it cost to find work through Medicus?

A:Medicus provides all it's services to registered Job Seekers completely free of any charge. (it's illiegal in the UK to charge job seekers to find them work).  Medicus charges our clients a fee to provide them with locum or permanent staff, usually on a success only basis.

I'm looking for a locum vet for next week - can you help?

A:Medicus is very active in the UK locum marketplace.  At the start of January 2017, we have 557 active locum vets and 230 active locum nurses. Many of them are booked up solidly and have limited availability to do extra work.  It's very difficult for us to give any client an accurate answer as to whether we can provide a locum for specific dates until we have "worked" the requirement.  Generally, the more notice you give us, the more likely it is we can find someone for your practice.

If I hire someone through you and it doesn't work out - do I get my money back?

A:Medicus provides a rebate and replacement scheme for all clients.  This enables our clients to grow and develop their businesses with staff surety that if it doesn't work out with a particular recruit, we will put it right.  We work very closely with you to make sure that you are interviewing appropriately qualified and motivated candidates.

What are your fees?

A:Medicus usually charges success only fees dependent on the appointed candidate's starting salary. For locum placements, we charge a daily administration fee for each day the locum works at the client site. We'll make sure you are fully aware of our charges before we start working on your requirement.