The “New Normal”

Following the recent statement by the RCVS and the BVA, it’s clear in my opinion that the veterinary sector will soon be charging ahead again into the new normal, but with some differences.

QUOTING: “… This guidance asks members of the veterinary team to undertake a risk assessment for every case. However, as restrictions on people leaving their homes are eased over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to support the professions in transitioning to the “new normal”.

New government guidance for employers in different workplaces – published this evening – will provide a useful framework to help veterinary teams work safely in all settings. The diversity of veterinary workplaces means that many of these guides will be relevant – from working outdoors on farms and yards to working in practices that are similar to shop spaces and working in people’s homes.

Over the coming days, BVA will be developing further advice to help vets interpret the guidance for their own workplaces. It’s clear that the safe and efficient use of PPE will continue to be hugely important for the veterinary team and RCVS Knowledge will be updating its guidance, in light of the new advice from the government on face coverings.

The new normal will have some lasting effects on the recruitment services provided to client’s operating in the veterinary space. For the first time in the living memory of many Vet Surgeons and Vet Nurses in the UK, they will have competition for jobs. For a multitude of reasons, the skill shortages of qualified Vets and Nurses in the UK workforce presented most client’s with the challenge of finding someone to do the job and they’ve not had the luxury of choosing between a shortlist of qualified applicants.

The new norm will turn this upside down and candidates will be competing for the jobs and for clients in some areas in the UK, they will have the issue of managing a high volume of applicants.

Working with a specialist recruiter helps both employer and applicant. Applicants working closely with recruiters will hear about the best jobs first and, using the recruiter’s advice, be well prepared for the interview to the best of their ability. Register with Medicus here.

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For a client, handling 150-200 applicants for a single role will create an administrative burden they will be advised to avoid. Ensuring GDPR compliance and managing candidates through a recruitment process is part of the service provided by the recruitment agency. Let Medicus know about your current requirement here.

Medicus has been here before, we worked through the last recession in 2008-2009. Whether you are a client or a candidate, we can help you navigate your way through the market as we re-emerge into the bright light.

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