Don’t Act Cheap – People Will Remember You When This Is All Over

Something strange happened to us earlier this week, a candidate turned down a job offer they really wanted and they told us the real reason they said no.

As a recruiter, I understand that some candidates don’t always tell you the real reasons behind their decisions. It comes with the job and I understand why they do it and I don’t take it personally.

This occasion was slightly different. We’d done our usual part of making the introduction, checking facts, registrations and salary levels.

The interview processes were different than usual – an initial phone chat, a Zoom interview and a final “socially distant” visit to the practice were all great – very positive feedback on both sides. The applicant was keen all the way through – it was a good fit on both sides. We were starting to get excited.

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Then the offer came. The client had the idea that, post lockdown, there would be a “resetting” of salaries for Vets and took 20% off the salary that was expected and pre-agreed. As is common these days, the client and our candidate were chatting directly and so they made the offer without our guidance.

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When the call came in from our candidate with the offer details, we were shocked. We had cleared the salary expectation with the client from the beginning and we were in agreement.

We called the client, we talked it through and they amended the offer. We went back to my candidate with the revised figure and it was turned down flat. The candidate’s opinion of my client had changing dramatically. They no longer trusted or wanted to be part of a business trying to get them cheap – what else may they try to do on the cheap that would affect their employment if they worked there?

So, the deal is gone. The client lost, the candidate lost and we lost. All because the client believed there is profit to be made from staffing your teams cheaply.

It’s a false economy and people will remember you for it when all this mess is in the rearview mirror and we are back to full speed ahead. Your reputation is too valuable to risk and the business graveyard is full of organisations who thought it didn’t matter and no-one would remember.