Successful Video Cover Letters

Over the last few years, Video Cover Letters have been seen as a little bit geeky, we knew they were around but the in the U.K, we are far too reserved to record ourselves on video. Well, that’s all changed now and we need to get with the programme and develop the skills to make a video cover letter that will compel the client to meet you.

Here are our tips to creating a successful video cover letter.


Your recording needs to be between 30-60 seconds. Any longer that a minute will mean that you will loose the attention of your audience and they’ll move on. 

Setting Up

Think carefully about where you can record your video. Your backdrop should be plain and not contain things that will distract from you. A plain white wall is best.  You need to be able to stabilise your camera, so use a laptop/desktop computer if possible. If you cannot, and you must use your phone, make sure it’s stable and not handheld. We’re not filming Cloverfield! 

You should be sitting at a table or a desk.  Wear smart casual clothing and avoid white shirts on a white wall background.

Preparing What to Say

Preplan what you want to say but avoid a full script or reading something. You want to tell your audience things that are not in your CV. 

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You should have two or three points in mind that you want to talk about and at least one is something about you as a person – background information about the type of person you are. 

Make sure you describe a moment of professional success and what it meant to you.

Avoid talking in too many technical details as you may get bogged down and some of your audience may be non-technical.  Remember, you have 60 seconds maximum!

The Recording 

A few “ums” and “ahhs” are only natural so pauses are fine.

Much of our sector is about your communication skills so make sure you speak clearly and eloquently so your audience can see you in their business and part of their team. This is your opportunity to stand out, so finish strongly!

The End

Finish by thanking your audience for watching.