How To Ace Your Zoom Interview

Tips on creating a great impression during your Zoom interview.

Wind the clock back 12 months and most of us had never heard of Zoom or used it before.  But since the Covid pandemic has changed the recruitment landscape for all of us, Zoom has become the go-to platform for employers to interview job applicants from the socially distant comfort of their homes.

So, let’s understand how to make the best impression using this technology and get the job offer you really want!

Get Comfy

It’s highly recommended if you’ve not used Zoom before to get comfortable with the interfaces.  Zoom can be used via their website here. They also have dedicated apps for iPhone and Android devices.  My recommendation is that you download the app now and have a play around with the features whilst video calling your “significant other”.  This is to make sure you don’t accidentally cut off your interviewer while trying to maximise the screen!

Interviewers choose video calls because they want to see you on screen. So, although the option is available to turn off your camera, don’t do it.  Interviewers will think you have something to hide!

OK, you’re happy with the website or the app, so you need to prepare for your interview.

What to Wear

You should dress for your interview as you would if you were attending in person. In our sector, that would mean smart casual clothes unless your interview is in your lunchtime and you are still in scrubs.


Pick a suitable location where you won’t be disturbed.  This could be a pet and child free room in your house, your car or another suitable inside venue.  Being outdoors is usually a mistake as there are too many possible interruptions – noisy vehicles, other people, curious dogs who just want to say hello.

Make sure your backdrop is neutral.  If you are at home, make sure there is nothing controversial on the bookcase or empty wine bottles on the coffee table from the night before.

Find somewhere with good and stable wifi.  We’ve all seen the TV presenters who simply give up trying to interview a contributor because their connection is slow and buffering.

Questions and Answers

As you would with any other interview, prepare your answers to the most common questions people ask at an interview. And make sure you have prepared some questions for them – 2 or 3 is usually enough.

Be prompt to your interview time! You are usually able to enter the Zoom virtual meeting room ahead of the interviewer, so make sure you are there 2 or 3 minutes before your allocated time slot.  Don’t be earlier and certainly don’t be late!

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Body Language

Have a think about the language you use and how easy you are to be understood.  If English is your second language, you may need to slow down and speak more clearly on Zoom that you would do normally.

Be mindful of your body language!  Don’t stare at your own image in the top corner of your screen – look at your interviewer as you would if they were sat in front of you. Also, be conscious of nervous ticks – tapping your fingers, wringing your hands.  It’ll distract from your answers.


Finish by thanking your interviewer for their time.  You can offer to be available for them should they have any further questions for you after the interview has finished and that you can be reached through your Medicus consultant.