Skilled Worker Sponsorship

Vet Surgeons from outside the UK

Skilled Worker Sponsorship Guidelines

Since the UK’s exit from the E.U, Vet Surgeons wanting to come to the UK to work who do not already have settled or pre-settled status in the U.K. will need to be sponsored by their employer.  

Vet Surgeons  (Veterinarians) and Vet Nurses are currently on the UK Government’s “shortage” list (at December 2022) which makes the application process less costly for the employee and the employer and it gives the employer greater flexibility in the job offer they make.

In general, the process can be broken down as follows:

  1. You apply for suitable roles through the MVR website.  
  2. You receive a job offer and verbally accept the position.
  3. Our client emails you confirmation of the job offer details including the starting salary and other benefits. If our client has agreed to fund other expenses on your behalf, this would also be detailed in the job offer.
  4. You (or the client’s immigration agent or authorised official) start the visa application process.
  5. You must provide the necessary documents to support your visa application promptly, including your ID, evidence of your qualifications and registration, proof of your written and spoken English ability and bank statements to prove that you have funds available to support yourself financially before you start work in the UK.
  6. You must apply for your visa within 3 months of receiving your job offer and you’ll usually receive a decision within one month if you have provided all the requested documents and proved your identity.
  7. Once granted, you can stay in the UK for up to 5 years. After 5 years, you can renew or apply for indefinite leave to remain.
Vet Surgeons who qualified outside the U.K.

If your veterinary qualification was obtained outside the U.K, you need to check with the RCVS regarding your ability to register to work as a Vet in the U.K.

Please visit the RCVS website and review the section referring to registration here:

Please note, if your route to registering requires you to sit the Statutory Membership Exam, this process must be started before we can help you find suitable opportunities. 

Which Jobs Offer Sponsorship?

Most of our clients will be open to a proposal to sponsor a skilled worker. If you need sponsorship, we would encourage you to apply for all roles that you are interested in.

Where our client has specifically said they are unable or unwilling to sponsor, this will be detailed in job listing.

If the client has specifically stated they are happy to sponsor, we will add the words “skilled worker sponsorship available” in the job listing.  You can search for this term by clicking here: ->LINK

Knowledge of English

Working as a Vet Surgeon in the U.K. requires that you have a good understanding of English – both written and verbal.  Good communication with clients and colleagues is vital to ensure the smooth, efficient and profitable running of any veterinary practice.

Your visa application mandates that you have been examined and passed in English with at least a level B1 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale.

Testing centres exist in most countries and our recommendation is that you arrange and carry out your test well in advance of starting your job search in the UK. 

Visa Application Costs

The processing costs of your application are detailed on the UK Government’s website and they vary based on your originating country.  As Vet Surgeons & Vet Nurses are currently on the shortage list, your application fees are automatically reduced as are your future employer’s fees to become a registered sponsor of Skilled Workers. 

Many of our clients will offer to pay for the visa application costs as part of your job offer.  Please ensure this item is clarified during the offer negotiation phase.

Your Family & Dependents

If your visa is granted, your spouse will be able to come with you, as will your children. They will have to apply for their own visa that will be linked to your own and end at the same time. Typically, you must be married or in a civil partnership or lived with your spouse for at least 2 years for them to qualify.

How We Can Help

MVR does not offer specialist immigration advice although we can connect you to our preferred agents who can help you.  Our role is to help you find the right role and connect you with our clients in a way that makes the process of moving to the UK and finding the right opportunity less daunting.

Although every effort has been made to make this information as accurate as possible, we offer no guarantees and urge you to seek professional immigration advice before starting out.


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